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Machines for production of music : synthesizers, samplers, drummachines, sequencers
Handsonic electronic percussion Handsonic HPD 15 electronic percussion
The HandSonic HPD-15 is an electronic hand percussion multi-pad with good finger/hand or drumstick triggering capabilities . Divided into 15 parts, the HPD-15 allows hand percussionists to play a lot of quite realistic acoustic and electronic percussion sounds. Also a good MIDI controller for drum programming.
Kurzweil K 2000
The Kurzweil K 2000 is not only an excellent sampler, it is also one of the most complex synthesizers at the time it has been released.
One of its main strength is the very complex VAST synthesizer architecture.
A "standard" V.A.S.T. program supports up to 3 layers. Each layer consist of an "algorythm".
Algorythm is the way the signal flows and is manipulated ( filtered, distorted, shaped, warped, or otherwise modulated )inside of the layer.
A standard program can be played on any MIDI channel. However, a K2 program can have up to 32 layers (each layer with its own keymap of multi-samples, one algorithm, envelopes, LFO's etc.).
Vermona DRM 1Vermona DRM
Analog drum machine with 32 step x0x type sequencer. The Vermona DRM has some preset rhythm, but you can program you own patterns with 32 steps or trigger the sounds with MIDI.
the sounds are fixed but sound very good (in an 80 ties analog drum synth way).
Sequential Circuits Pro One SynthesizerSequential Circuits Pro One Synthesizer
ThePro One analog synthesizer is using the same analog VCOs, VCFs, VCAs and Envelope Generators as its bigger brother the Prophet 5, which gives a big fat sound. The Pro-One has a quite complex modulation matrix. The oscillator frequency and pulse width and the filter cut-off can be modulated, either directly or using the wheel, by the Oscillator B or filter envelope and the LFO .
Korg Z 1 SynthesizerKorg Z 1 Synthesizer
The Korg Z 1 is an 12 voice polyphonic synthesizer with a quite complex structure and lot of knobs for performing and tweaking the sounds live. It has 13 different algorythms, from standard analog to physically modelled brass / reed / string models and even FM ( it is called VPM here ). The sounds are very organic and playable. some of the included physical modelling presets are much better than even large mutlisample sets.
Akai AX 73 analog synthesizerAkai AX 73 analog synthesizer
The Akai AX-73 is an analog synth from the 80ties. It has one oscillator (VCO) per voice but in Dual-VCO mode stacks 2 VCOs per voice for a thicker three-voice sound. Unison mode stacks all six VCOs onto one monophonic voice which sounds very fat. The AX-73 has a lowpass VCF filter with filter FM modulated by the VCO. It also has a flexible LFO with several waveforms. Good sounds, but no knobs and therefore a pain to edit.
Korg MS 20 analog synthesizerKorg MS 20 analog synthesizer
The Korg MS-20 is a patchable semi-modular monophonic synthesizer.
The MS-20 has two VCOs. The output of VCO1 can be set to triangle, sawtooth or pulse. The output of VCO2 can be set to sawtooth, square, rectangle or ring mod.
There are two VCFs in series. The first is a high-pass, the second a low-pass filter with agressive resonance. Both filter can be modulated seperately.Lots of modulation possibilities through the patchbay at the right of the synth. Even external signals can be processed and included into the signal chain. Good for agressive, "dirty" sounds, not so good for pads and "moog"type basses.
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CAI777 - I DREAMED OF DYING released 1994 by Discordia Rec., this debut CD made CAI 777 worldwide known for their very own style of sinister electro
CAI777 - Life / Death released 1995 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  A complex journey between birth and death and back from death to rebirth featuring some extreme crossover between death industrial, djungle and ritual dances
CAI777 - VCO released 1996 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  a reflection of the cybercivilisation and the phenomena of the evolution from industrial culture to virtual culture : very electronic / very danceable
CAI777 - Hybrid released 1997 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a psychedelic mix of agressive rythmic dance-elements with ambient sound scapes like restless daemons in the virtual jungle of junk media and cyberspace, somewhat similar to FSOL's Dead Cities
CAI777 - Antiphoton released 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK - energetic grooving urban music with disturbing negative radiation this might be the real soundtrack for -Blade Runner- or -Alien-like movies
CAI777 - UFO released 2000 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a live performance in the WerkIII factory halls. Hard technoid beats and agressive Soundscapes combined in this rare live set
psaiclone the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A great mixture of psychic trance-like loops and weird atmospheres, banging basslines and synthesizer sweeps
JANA-Iluminatus released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is extreme dark heavy symphonic Industrial, packed with doomy machine noises, ritual chants and the thrilling voice of Singer JANA adds that extra touch that makes this CD very unique
SekreT - Atmospheres 1, released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK, this CD contains 17 acoustic scenes that could be described as sinister film scores which lead you into a strange form of reality where light is poor and the time is frozen with alien lifeforms crawling out of the crevice under your feet while you walk alone through a dying metropolis...
STEELCRUSH the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Hammering steel-factory samples
combined with agressive sequences and powerful drums are the basis for banging EBM/Powerelectro at its best !
BitNativeDance released 1997 by MASCHINENMUSIK - oldskool 90ties style hard techno stomping agressive electro- tekkno  music
borgmekanik : Irina Funk released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. borgmekanik combines stunning,  sometimes jazzy, melodies with complex sequences,lush pads and relaxed grooves
CAI 777 Autist released in 2003 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a energetic combination of drum and bass grooves, dark step and old skool EBM / Industrial elements flavoured with some ambient soundscapes
CAI 777 frozen architecture released in 2005 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a cold journey through a sunken city below the arctic ocean where the aura of the lost civilisation still can be heard in frozen halls...
POLYCONTROL - Symphony in C/V - a very analogue sounding RETRO 80ties synth pop
SekreT - Athmospheres 2 released in 2001 by MASCHINENMUSIK. With the second CD Athmospheres II SekreT brings you further down into a world of frozen time and deceased civilisation. In the 16 Tracks of Athmospheres II the soundscapes are even darker and more mysterious than in SekreT's Debut-CD. Imaginations of morbid rituals and forthcoming decay along with portentous alien artefacts arise from these disturbing modulated sounds.
psaiclone Mulch Matrix released in 2002 by MASCHINENMUSIK. The entire album was created with the Audio Mulch software combining phat drum loops with strange sound effects and exciting synth hooks...
psaiclone Ad Freak released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Made with Audiomulch this CD delivers cool grooves, great synthesizer sounds and bizarre ambient scapes. File under IDM / Ambient.
SekreT - Athmospheres -III- release 2010 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A new collection of horryfying Athmospheres and weird sample mangling. ANGST Ambient...
STEELCRUSH - Hookfire released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Another strike from these wild powernoise/EBM steelworkers. Banging drums and screaming basslines, this CD seriously kicks ass.
borgmekanik - MM105 - a selection of slow minimal / techno ambient at 105 bpm
psaiclone - live recordings of mangled and effected percussion instruments, file under experimental / avantgarde / weird ambient
elektrokaos - live recordings of modular synths and sequencers, file under experimental / minimal / electro
CAI777 - Dawn45 released 2008 by MASCHINENMUSIK - dark postindustrial music from grooving agressive electro to dark neurotic ambient drones
The Cheating Musician - TCM released 2007 by MASCHINENMUSIK - a weird combination of cheesy 60pop entertainer styles with 80ties wave, funny harmonies and a surrealistic athmosphere