VST FX and VST instrumentsVST FX and VST instruments
for the adventurous musician. Here you find some VST FX and VST instruments made by MASCHINENMUSIK for free download. All these VST instruments and FX were build with Synth Edit and may or may not have some issues with multicore CPUs when inserted more than once in the same project.
Orion Platinum Screenshot with playlist, mixer and editors Orion Platinum
Orion is a complete virtual studio software, including a powerful pattern-based sequencer, many synthesizers and effects, a mixing desk with sub busses, and multitrack audio recording. Orion comes with a selection of 43 internal effects - including reverb, delay and chorus effects, a full parametric equalizer, and more. Additionally, there is full support for third-party VST and DirectX effects, as well as for third-party VSTi and DXi instruments.
Audiomulch is a modular audiosoftware with extraordinary effects and great parameter automation , great for live performances. AudioMulch allows you to make music by patching together a range of sound producing and processing modules. Unlike PD or MAX/MSP, AudioMulch's modules perform high-level musical functions, so you don't have to create things from the ground up using individual oscillators and filters. AudioMulch is designed for live performance and improvisation - you can process live audio sources and control every knob and slider on the user interface using a MIDI controller. The Metasurface is unique in the audio software world and very useful to alter patches on the fly during a performance.
Pure DataPure Data
Pure Data is a modular programming language with audio, MIDI and video features. It is somewhat similar to the famous MAX/MSP software, but Pure Data has some different features and is available for a lot of platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, IRIX etc. MIDI functionality is also included and everything can be controlled in realtime with MIDI or other input devices. PD documents are called "patches" or "canvases." Each open document has one main window and any number of sub-windows. The required functions are accessed by simply typing code into textboxes. Pure Data has a very steep learning curve, you have to dive deep into the program to explore all it's possibilities. There are examples available that range from simple wavetable synthesizers to granular stuff and you can also build your own sequencer with Pure Data. Pd can be used for simultaneous computer animation and computer audio, but it's academic approach make it very hard to use for beginners.
USINEUSINE modular vST Host
Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilization. Usine is a modular VST Host with a focus on live sampling, effect processing or sound design. The possibility to build own GUI with multitouch recognition makes it very powerful flexible and powerful if you like to transform, resample the sound on stage, improvise and create unusual effect.
CAI777 - I DREAMED OF DYING released 1994 by Discordia Rec., this debut CD made CAI 777 worldwide known for their very own style of sinister electro
CAI777 - Life / Death released 1995 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  A complex journey between birth and death and back from death to rebirth featuring some extreme crossover between death industrial, djungle and ritual dances
CAI777 - VCO released 1996 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  a reflection of the cybercivilisation and the phenomena of the evolution from industrial culture to virtual culture : very electronic / very danceable
CAI777 - Hybrid released 1997 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a psychedelic mix of agressive rythmic dance-elements with ambient sound scapes like restless daemons in the virtual jungle of junk media and cyberspace, somewhat similar to FSOL's Dead Cities
CAI777 - Antiphoton released 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK - energetic grooving urban music with disturbing negative radiation this might be the real soundtrack for -Blade Runner- or -Alien-like movies
CAI777 - UFO released 2000 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a live performance in the WerkIII factory halls. Hard technoid beats and agressive Soundscapes combined in this rare live set
psaiclone the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A great mixture of psychic trance-like loops and weird atmospheres, banging basslines and synthesizer sweeps
JANA-Iluminatus released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is extreme dark heavy symphonic Industrial, packed with doomy machine noises, ritual chants and the thrilling voice of Singer JANA adds that extra touch that makes this CD very unique
SekreT - Atmospheres 1, released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK, this CD contains 17 acoustic scenes that could be described as sinister film scores which lead you into a strange form of reality where light is poor and the time is frozen with alien lifeforms crawling out of the crevice under your feet while you walk alone through a dying metropolis...
STEELCRUSH the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Hammering steel-factory samples
combined with agressive sequences and powerful drums are the basis for banging EBM/Powerelectro at its best !
BitNativeDance released 1997 by MASCHINENMUSIK - oldskool 90ties style hard techno stomping agressive electro- tekkno  music
borgmekanik : Irina Funk released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. borgmekanik combines stunning,  sometimes jazzy, melodies with complex sequences,lush pads and relaxed grooves
CAI 777 Autist released in 2003 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a energetic combination of drum and bass grooves, dark step and old skool EBM / Industrial elements flavoured with some ambient soundscapes
CAI 777 frozen architecture released in 2005 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a cold journey through a sunken city below the arctic ocean where the aura of the lost civilisation still can be heard in frozen halls...
POLYCONTROL - Symphony in C/V - a very analogue sounding RETRO 80ties synth pop
SekreT - Athmospheres 2 released in 2001 by MASCHINENMUSIK. With the second CD Athmospheres II SekreT brings you further down into a world of frozen time and deceased civilisation. In the 16 Tracks of Athmospheres II the soundscapes are even darker and more mysterious than in SekreT's Debut-CD. Imaginations of morbid rituals and forthcoming decay along with portentous alien artefacts arise from these disturbing modulated sounds.
psaiclone Mulch Matrix released in 2002 by MASCHINENMUSIK. The entire album was created with the Audio Mulch software combining phat drum loops with strange sound effects and exciting synth hooks...
psaiclone Ad Freak released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Made with Audiomulch this CD delivers cool grooves, great synthesizer sounds and bizarre ambient scapes. File under IDM / Ambient.
SekreT - Athmospheres -III- release 2010 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A new collection of horryfying Athmospheres and weird sample mangling. ANGST Ambient...
STEELCRUSH - Hookfire released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Another strike from these wild powernoise/EBM steelworkers. Banging drums and screaming basslines, this CD seriously kicks ass.
borgmekanik - MM105 - a selection of slow minimal / techno ambient at 105 bpm
psaiclone - live recordings of mangled and effected percussion instruments, file under experimental / avantgarde / weird ambient
elektrokaos - live recordings of modular synths and sequencers, file under experimental / minimal / electro
CAI777 - Dawn45 released 2008 by MASCHINENMUSIK - dark postindustrial music from grooving agressive electro to dark neurotic ambient drones
The Cheating Musician - TCM released 2007 by MASCHINENMUSIK - a weird combination of cheesy 60pop entertainer styles with 80ties wave, funny harmonies and a surrealistic athmosphere