CAI 777

This is Track 05 from the MASCHINENMUSIK release CAI777 - I DREAMED OF DYING. This debut CD made CAI 777 worldwide known for their very own style of sinister electro. In the music of CAI 777 there are references to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and the "necronomicon" book. The mood of a frightening, yet uncertain threat coming from ancient forgotten gods and the crawling chaos are quite present in some songs. Especially in the " I Dreamed Of Dying " album there are songs like AZAG TOTH or RITUAL ( the seven enemies ) and also AXECHEH which carry the ideas of H.P. Lovecraft into a dark musical experience. more info :
CAI 777
Da Beat

This is Track 05 " Da Beat " from the CAI 777 Album AUTIST released in 2003 by MASCHINENMUSIK. this CD is a energetic combination of drum and bass grooves, dark step and old skool EBM / Industrial elements flavoured with some ambient soundscapes. Composed and mastered with the ORION software by Synapse Audio.
CAI 777
Frozen Architecture V

Slow Minimal Dark Ambient Techno - from the CAI 777 Album Frozen Architecture. A journey through nightmarish rememberings of a long forgotten culture. Produced with Synapse Audio Orion Platinum, Video with Sony Vegas
Minimal Techno Nord Modular G2 Performance 1301-vs2

Minimal Techno Live Performance with the Clavia Nord Modular G 2 Part 2 von 6 Recorded live from the Nord Modular G 2 Synthesizer.
Minimal Techno Nord Modular G2 Performance 1301-vs3

Minimal Techno Live Performance with the Clavia Nord Modular G 2 Part 3 von 6 Recorded live from the Nord Modular G 2 Synthesizer.
Robot 44

From the album Symphony in C/V
Synth Pop like the 80ties never ended.... Analog Synthesizers and vintage drummachines together with modern production equipment and software sequencers and some vocoded speeches software were used in this track.
SekreT Athmospheres III - Egobex

this is a song by SekreT from the third album Athmospheres III.
The movie show some details from a painting by Jana Feder, filmed at the WOGA 2010 in Wuppertal.
Athmospheres I Track 01

this is the first Track of the Debut album Athmospheres I by SekreT. Weird samples and some frequency modulated noises folded in 3D ambiences create a wonderful dark mood.
Athmospheres II Track 01

With the second album Athmospheres II Sekret go further down their way to a world of fine dark ambient drones and mystical surroundings.
Skull Grinder

This is a Track from the STEELCRUSH Debut Album, released by MASCHINENMUSIK in early 2000. hammering steel-factory samples combined with agressive sequences and powerful drum-programming - these are the ingredients for STEELCRUSH's power EBM style.

this is track02 from the MASCHINENMUSIK release Hookfire by STEELCRUSH. Industrial / EBM from ruhrgebiet/germany meet vintage PD movies from USA. Composed with Synapse Audio ORION - here the drumsynth Tomcat is the main instrument. video with VEGAS with some stolen footage from
Bit Native Dances

Bit Native Dances Track 0101 a Kurzweil K 2000 ( drums and 2nd lead ), a Korg Prophecy ( bassline ), a Ensoniq DP 4 ( fx ) and some distortion pedals were used in this track. Sequenced on an old Atari ST with some well known sequencer software back then in 1997. Remastered in 2007, video editing in 2010.
Ambient Drone with Korg Z 1

Modular sequencer build with Pure Data ( PD ). Pitch and Velocity are stored in 2 seperate arrays and sequenced with different loop length. The different looplength make it possible to create quite complex harmonies with very few steps. In this case a max of 8 steps were used to build the loops. These loops are spread over 3 MIDI Channels. A little CTRL sequencing to change the sounds while playing the notes. Tthe result is going out with MIDI to a KORG Z 1 Synthesizer.
tinysizer 01

Demosong for the TINYSIZER from Anyware instruments. All sounds except the kickdrum are from the tinysizer. sequenced and recorded with ableton live. the TINYSIZER is an analog modular synthesizer where you can patch everything with little patch cords and the total size of the synth is like a little laptop. Its got MIDI to CV build in, so you can sequence with MIDI or CV.
MM 118

this is a track from the new album MM 118 from BORGMEKANIK. the images are paintings by JANA FEDER taken at the WOGA IN Wuppertal IN 10/2010: COMPOSED by borgmekanik, poem SAMPLES from ubuweb
MM105 handsonic

this is a track that was made with the ROLAND HPD 15 Handsonic Percussion instrument. Borgmekanik recorded some loops into Ableton Live and processed the samples with the inbuild fx in Live.
MM 118 anachronism

this is track10 "anachronism" of the now coming album with the working title MM118 (as all songs are at 118bpm for some reason). the images in this video were taken from a painting of emil schumacher, synth used is a KURZWEIL PC3 and the drums / sequencing is done with Ableton Live.
Berlin School

Pure Data 8 Step sequencer with seperate arrays for pitch,
velocity and transpose, patterns for gate.
Seperate small sequencers for midicontroller data.
send midi data to a novation nova synthesizer.
The sound in this video remembers a little to old electronica from germany
so this piece is called Berlin School (Berliner Schule).
audio recorded in realtime, no bouncing, anything is exact as it sounded when it happened.
stellar dust

Another Demosong for the Anyware instruments TINYSIZER analog modular synthesizer.
This time more in the ambient / electronica style to show some more -typical- sounds you can do with the
TINYSIZER analog modular synthesizer.
As the synth is monotimbral by nature, i made some overdubs and recorded them in Ableton Live.
All sounds, even the drums are from the TINYSIZER.
There Must Be Some

this is a track from the album ADFREAK, released by MASCHINENMUSIK under CC license. Most tracks of this album were made with the help from the AUDIOMULCH software.
Spanish Fly

this is a track from the album Mulch Matrix, released by MASCHINENMUSIK under CC license. Most tracks of this album were made with the help from the AUDIOMULCH software.
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CAI777 - I DREAMED OF DYING released 1994 by Discordia Rec., this debut CD made CAI 777 worldwide known for their very own style of sinister electro
CAI777 - Life / Death released 1995 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  A complex journey between birth and death and back from death to rebirth featuring some extreme crossover between death industrial, djungle and ritual dances
CAI777 - VCO released 1996 by MASCHINENMUSIK -  a reflection of the cybercivilisation and the phenomena of the evolution from industrial culture to virtual culture : very electronic / very danceable
CAI777 - Hybrid released 1997 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a psychedelic mix of agressive rythmic dance-elements with ambient sound scapes like restless daemons in the virtual jungle of junk media and cyberspace, somewhat similar to FSOL's Dead Cities
CAI777 - Antiphoton released 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK - energetic grooving urban music with disturbing negative radiation this might be the real soundtrack for -Blade Runner- or -Alien-like movies
CAI777 - UFO released 2000 by Maschinenmusik Rec. - a live performance in the WerkIII factory halls. Hard technoid beats and agressive Soundscapes combined in this rare live set
psaiclone the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A great mixture of psychic trance-like loops and weird atmospheres, banging basslines and synthesizer sweeps
JANA-Iluminatus released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is extreme dark heavy symphonic Industrial, packed with doomy machine noises, ritual chants and the thrilling voice of Singer JANA adds that extra touch that makes this CD very unique
SekreT - Atmospheres 1, released in 1999 by MASCHINENMUSIK, this CD contains 17 acoustic scenes that could be described as sinister film scores which lead you into a strange form of reality where light is poor and the time is frozen with alien lifeforms crawling out of the crevice under your feet while you walk alone through a dying metropolis...
STEELCRUSH the Debut CD released in 2000 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Hammering steel-factory samples
combined with agressive sequences and powerful drums are the basis for banging EBM/Powerelectro at its best !
BitNativeDance released 1997 by MASCHINENMUSIK - oldskool 90ties style hard techno stomping agressive electro- tekkno  music
borgmekanik : Irina Funk released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. borgmekanik combines stunning,  sometimes jazzy, melodies with complex sequences,lush pads and relaxed grooves
CAI 777 Autist released in 2003 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a energetic combination of drum and bass grooves, dark step and old skool EBM / Industrial elements flavoured with some ambient soundscapes
CAI 777 frozen architecture released in 2005 by MASCHINENMUSIK this CD is a cold journey through a sunken city below the arctic ocean where the aura of the lost civilisation still can be heard in frozen halls...
POLYCONTROL - Symphony in C/V - a very analogue sounding RETRO 80ties synth pop
SekreT - Athmospheres 2 released in 2001 by MASCHINENMUSIK. With the second CD Athmospheres II SekreT brings you further down into a world of frozen time and deceased civilisation. In the 16 Tracks of Athmospheres II the soundscapes are even darker and more mysterious than in SekreT's Debut-CD. Imaginations of morbid rituals and forthcoming decay along with portentous alien artefacts arise from these disturbing modulated sounds.
psaiclone Mulch Matrix released in 2002 by MASCHINENMUSIK. The entire album was created with the Audio Mulch software combining phat drum loops with strange sound effects and exciting synth hooks...
psaiclone Ad Freak released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Made with Audiomulch this CD delivers cool grooves, great synthesizer sounds and bizarre ambient scapes. File under IDM / Ambient.
SekreT - Athmospheres -III- release 2010 by MASCHINENMUSIK. A new collection of horryfying Athmospheres and weird sample mangling. ANGST Ambient...
STEELCRUSH - Hookfire released in 2004 by MASCHINENMUSIK. Another strike from these wild powernoise/EBM steelworkers. Banging drums and screaming basslines, this CD seriously kicks ass.
borgmekanik - MM105 - a selection of slow minimal / techno ambient at 105 bpm
psaiclone - live recordings of mangled and effected percussion instruments, file under experimental / avantgarde / weird ambient
elektrokaos - live recordings of modular synths and sequencers, file under experimental / minimal / electro
CAI777 - Dawn45 released 2008 by MASCHINENMUSIK - dark postindustrial music from grooving agressive electro to dark neurotic ambient drones
The Cheating Musician - TCM released 2007 by MASCHINENMUSIK - a weird combination of cheesy 60pop entertainer styles with 80ties wave, funny harmonies and a surrealistic athmosphere